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The Firing Squad: A Film That Just Might Change America

When you sit back and immerse yourself in the deeply emotional experience that is "The Firing Squad" you’ll quickly find that you’re getting a crash course in the power of faith and redemption. Directed by Timothy A. Chey and produced by Epoch Times, one thing is for sure—this film leaves a lasting mark on audiences.

With college riots, mass shootings, police officers killed, and looting in stores, the world is looking for a savior. ‘The Firing Squad’ aims to bring incredible hope by bringing one million people to Christ. So far, floods of people have accepted Christ after the screenings.

“People were coming to me completely shaken,” says star Kevin Sorbo. “It was incredible.”

Set to officially hit theaters in August of 2024, the movie follows the intense journey of three men on death row as they experience a spiritual awakening in Jesus that ultimately changes their lives. These characters are portrayed with a rarely seen raw authenticity, as they work through some of their darkest moments only to discover light through none other than divine intervention.

cuba gooding jr., kevin sorbo

Will the Film Save America?

“I’ve received emails on previous films of people whose lives were changed,” says director Tim Chey. “This is our biggest release yet as we’ll be in 2,000+ theaters nationwide. Of course, I believe we will save and change America. We cannot make America great without Jesus.”

Though there are countless aspects of this film that make it so incredible, we would be remiss not to mention the quality of the performances. Kevin Sorbo plays Pastor Lynbrook, whose portrayal can only be described as authentic and passionate. Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s role as Samuel Wilson—another inmate facing execution—puts on one of the best performances of his career. James Barrington also shines as Peter Lone, a convicted drug dealer whose path to redemption brings a poignant narrative of vulnerability and strength to the big screen.

On a mission to be a catalyst for introspection and change, "The Firing Squad" hones in on redemption and the powerful impact of God's love. Tim Chey said it best when he described the film as a way to draw the audience closer to the love of Jesus Christ​ based on this incredible film. Undoubtedly, he’s accomplished this.

"The Firing Squad" is a tear-jerker, yes, but it’s also a powerful and redemptive movie that promises to prompt thought and emotion from its viewers, urging them to put some thought into their own beliefs and faith. Viewers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, hoping and praying that the characters will survive their challenges and come out on the other side. It’s the type of film where you feel an indescribable connection to the actors on screen. Because of this, it’s sure to become an iconic cinematic piece that will resonate with all.

As we get ready for the widespread release of the film, the buzz around it (so far) suggests that it will entertain, enlighten, and enrapture movie-goers, making it a must-watch for fans of impactful cinema that gets into the nitty-gritty of the human spirit. If you aren’t walking out of the theater with swollen eyes and a sense of optimism by the end, I’ll be thoroughly shocked. 

Watch the 2min official trailer:

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